Christmas DIY: Cinnamon candles

10 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

The most exciting time of the year is coming! Let’s see how to decorate your house while staying on the budget and having fun with these 10 simple DIYs!

Take a candle in a glass holder, put cinnamon sticks around it, and tight them with a green silky ribbon. As simple as it sounds!
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Christmas DIY: Cinnamon candles

Use cupcake wrappers to make a colorful garland

Chistmas DIY: Cupcake Wrapper Garland

Fill a tall glass with pine cones, add a few branches… here comes your forest-flavored center-piece!

Chistmas DIY: Pine cones and branches center piece

Another decor idea with pine cones. Get a few and put them under a bell-glass. Stylish and minimalist.

Christmas DIY: Pine cones

Take old photo magazines and cut snowflakes out of the pages. Attach the snowflakes to a garland and put it on the wall. Easy and cute!

Paper Snowflake Garland

Use colorful junk pieces to make a very original Christmas wreaths!

Christmas DIY: junk wheel Christmas wreaths

Collect some house ware of the same color and hang it on the wall in the shape of Christmas tree.

Christmas DIY: Houseware Christmas Tree

Got a lot of books with green cover? Great! Make a book Christmas tree!

Christmas DIY: Book Christmas Tree

Turn pages of a vintage book into a rustic Christmas decoration

Christmas DIY: Paper flowers

You can make a tasty hot party drink out of a rustic Gluhwein decor you made for Christmas

Glühwein Decor


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