Itajime Shibori Reversed Tie Dye Bleaching DIY by Free People

Reversed Tie Dye Bleaching

The Canadian spring has started at last, and it got enough warm outside to get fun with bleach! This week-end my balcony was turned into a DIY station with bleach bottles, buckets with water, and garments hanging all over the balcony rails:) For my first project of the season I decided to go with the DIY from this Free […]

Polka Dot DIY Inspiration: Lookbook Isabel Marant Inspired

DIY Inspiration: Polka Dots

Polka dots seemed to be a naive pattern that suited only childish looks. However, recently it has become super popular! You can see it blended into trendy street looks, worn by fashion week attendees, and favored by famous fashion brands. And I am very happy to see it! Polka dot stamped jeans is a project […]

Safety pin t-shirt diy inspiration

DIY Inspiration: Safety Pins

Everybody has safety pins in their home, and they seem to be such an ordinary object. But did you know that apart from being practical, it can also be a creative tool? Look how DIY girls used them to enhance their style! A leather jacket from The Blonde Salade: And a ripped  t-shirt from Last summer […]

DIY Inspiration: Paper Christmas Garland

Christmas is coming soon! These days keep everybody very busy. We need to make hundreds of preparations such as buying a Christmas tree, choosing and buying gifts, preparing the menu, choosing a party outfit… And, of course, decorating the house! This is my one of my favorite Christmas tasks (choosing the outfit is another one […]

DIY Inspiration: Oil Lamps In Beans

Every morning while going to work, I pass a nice resto located right in front of the Charlevoix metro station. I am always curious about what’s going on inside and always look through its windows. Recently I have spotted pretty oil lamps that the restaurant had on the windowsills. They were placed in glassware filled […]