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Summer 2015 Pineapple Shoes Inspo: From DIY To Buy

Pineapple is such a voguish fruit. Fashion designers have been happily putting it on bags, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, etc in excessive quantities.  Pineapple is everywhere. Nobody can resist its charm. Could you imagine that even my boyfriend recently got pineapple hair? Not like this one: but more like this one: I am not sure whether I feel disappointed or relieved by his […]

Contrast Sleeves That Love Attention: High End, Low End, And From The Other End Of The Universe

Today I want to show you 11 t-shirts with contrast sleeves that are not afraid of stand out. One of these t-shirts was an inspiration for my new DIY. Can you guess which one? 😉 Tell me your guess in the comments; the answer (that is the DIY post) will be published next week 🙂 I love this trend, because it is not that trendy […]

New Life Of Old Denim Skirt: DIY Bandeau Top + Mini Skirt

This story starts with a denim skirt by Moschino which I got from a friend of mine. My friend decided to stop wearing skirts cold turkey and was giving them away to anyone willing to take free stuff. I do not wear skirts either – well, at least the denim ones – but this one had a cool star and a bold brand name… Say no to Moschino, said no […]