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Summer DIY: Two Piece Set Made of a Vintage Dress

I broke my self-imposed schedule! Today instead of a regular Friday Fashion Inspiration I finally (finally!) publish my summer two piece set DIY post. Yes, the one I started talking about almost 2 weeks ago. So, this post is not a fashion inspiration for me… but it may become one for you!  If you have nothing to do […]

See-Through Lace Dress Outfits: Brave Chicks Only? Check These 17 Shameless Looks

While WhoWhatWear wonders whether wearing provocative sheer outfits is the new normal, see-through dresses and the lack of shyness that comes along has been widely adopted by fashion bloggers and fashionistas. They happily let you see through their dresses and are not ashamed of exposing the second layer of the clothes on fashion blogs and style websites. However, I must admit […]