DIY Wine Cap Tea Candles

DIY Wine Cap Tea Candles

Do you enjoy DIY, candles, and drinking wine? Then this post is right for you! It is about how to make tea candles out of wine caps 😉 These are the photos of the results – and the DIY instructions can be found right after them. DIY Supplies You Need wine caps microwaveable wax wicks wax dyes […]

Christmas DIY: Cinnamon candles

10 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

The most exciting time of the year is coming! Let’s see how to decorate your house while staying on the budget and having fun with these 10 simple DIYs! Take a candle in a glass holder, put cinnamon sticks around it, and tight them with a green silky ribbon. As simple as it sounds! source: […]

DIY: Tangerine Candles Result

DIY: Tangerine Candles

Autumn has arrived. Nights are getting colder and colder while days are getting shorter. Summer easiness slips away, and more and more often I find myself having lazy time while cuddling with the cat under a blanket. Autumn is the time when I start lighting up candles to compensate cooling sun and catch eluding warmth. […]

DIY: LED Tea Lights In Jars

Here comes a sequel of my DIY Tea Lights In Jars! I love my tea light candles; they add a cozy warmth to my place at nights. However, I had one good reason to look for a flame-less replacement. My cat is sooo not used to either candles or fire. It is not careful while being around and […]

Tea Lights In Jars DIY: Keep Calm And Light Up

Inspired by the oil lamps from the restaurant, I decided to make something similar for home. I love to light up candles in winter; the light coming from flickering flames instantly makes a room feel cozier and warmer.     I had two glass jars. You can buy some at a household store or simply use empty sauce jars (like […]

DIY Inspiration: Oil Lamps In Beans

Every morning while going to work, I pass a nice resto located right in front of the Charlevoix metro station. I am always curious about what’s going on inside and always look through its windows. Recently I have spotted pretty oil lamps that the restaurant had on the windowsills. They were placed in glassware filled […]