My Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

Recently I have been so crazy busy. The pre-Christmas season is the busiest time in retail (I wrote about how occupied our recent days at FripeFabrique have been here), and on top of it I had to go in quest for a holiday outfit. I tried so hard that I ended up with two of them! In this post I will show you the first one: LBD + vintage slip + shiny creepers.

Recently I have got more ironic opinion about sparkly holiday looks. I do appreciate when other people dress up, but myself I found it too demanding for no reason. I did not want to spend too much time combing through the local retail in a hunt for a unique gem that wouldn’t break the bank. The mass fashion stores offer either badly fitting and boring or overpriced but still boring stuff, and I did not have time to go for “small” shopping to local designer boutiques either. So the only option left was thrift shopping! My favourite option 🙂

So, I went to a big second hand shopping and bought about a half of the store. I got something to brag to you about as well as a couple of options for the holiday outfit.

In this post I will show you the one I will wear to more or less formal parties: the office Christmas party and a tech party organized by local entrepreneurs. Here I combined a lace LBD, a vintage slip and  a pair of metallic shiny creepers.

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

The dress is second hand made by Zara. It is marked as Medium, but I think it is closer to the size Small. It fits my hips pretty tightly, and only thanks to the lace that stretches a bit I have not yet succeeded to tear the side seams.

The slip worn under the dress is a vintage one. It has no labels, but the fabric and the cut points to its vintage nature. As you can see, it is longer than the dress, and I of course like it this way. A couple of years ago I used to wear underskirts with long sweaters (check it out here with a camel coat and here with the vintage sweater we all  – you guys too! – liked so much). Currently it is off from my casual style but very much in for the party one.

The jewellery is also second hand apart from the black skull bracelet – it is made by a Canadian designer Hen Jewelry. Apart from regular beads and metal details the designer also uses hardware pieces; for example, my bracelet holds brass wing nut hardware pieces.

As of the neck line, I decided to keep it simple and do not put any neck candy. I usually do not show much of the cleavage; this dress is the most revealing one I ever had. But you know, it is totally allowed once in while! hehe

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

As of my hair, I went with making a 60s style backcomb, which I think flatters my face type. I got inspired by the TV show Mad Men – I have watched soooo many times, it is one of my most favourite TV shows ever! I love in it pretty much everything: the clothes, the hair, the interiors, the colours… well, maybe I am not so passionate about their shoes and excessive underwear. But the rest – I love it! So, the hair (and the makeup) came from the show.

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

The metallic creepers is a Black Friday catch. Usually I order creepers online from the U.S. and pay a fortune for delivery not mentioning the custom fees (ehhh, here in Canada we do not benefit from the perks the U.S. guys have – no free delivery, nothing!). This time I got lucky – exactly  the same style I was looking for was available at a local store and was on 50% Black Friday sale. Happy-happy!

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

In the end of the photoshoot I decided to put on my DIY princess crown. I made it a couple of years ago, and you can see the DIY post here (it has very pretty photos!)

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

How To Get The Look

  • lace dress: Zara, seems to be from an old collection, so not available anymore; I failed to find a similar dress, maybe this one on looks more or less like mine
  • slip: vintage, find on Etsy
  • shiny creepers: T.U.K.
  • skull bracelet: Hen by Gen; she does not it anymore, but there some similar ones
  • pyramid & spike bracelets: second hand no name, find on Etsy

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

Behind The Scene Of The Photoshoot

Sam and I did this shoot on my balcony. I live on the third floor, and my balcony  is huge. It allows to have clean minimalist background on the pictures. It was quite cold that day, close to zero, and as you see my dress is not super warm and full of holes. However, I did not feel cold and wind (my balcony is a favourite spot for Montreal winds to hang out), since I got high because of the excitement of taking pictures. From time to time, I dropped back inside to warm up the hands, the body part that was freezing the most, because I was constantly touching ice cold balcony rails.

There was a rectangular piece of ice on my balcony. There used to be an old plastic box which I forgot (ok, I was lazy) to remove before the water froze in it. I had to remove it anyway before the photoshoot. So I got this big piece of ice, which was quite slippery, and I decided to kinda dance on it. Not easy! Dangerous! Do not repeat it at home!

After spending some time on the balcony, we moved down to the stairs. I wanted to take photos of me sitting – and that’s where my bum got cold too! At the same time Sam got a chance to experiment, and the stair pictures were all composed by himself! I am proud of him 🙂

After the photoshoot I came home, made myself a big teapot of burning hot tea and drunk a few cups one after another. It took me a few hours to become again warm and alive ahahaha.

That’s how Sam was dressed while taking pictures. Now compare it to my outfit!

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

My 1st Holiday Outfit: LBD And Shiny Creepers

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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