How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Result

Let’s Learn How to Make Holes In Jeans! Ripped Кnee Jeans DIY

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Result

In my last post I showed you 11 outfits with ripped knee jeans, and now it is the time to DIY your own pair!

This is a such an easy DIY that you may wonder – why I bothered myself to write a special post. Well, there are two reasons. The first one is that while it is true that the DIY is easy, there are still one or two small tricks to learn about how to make holes in jeans if you want the holes look neat and well done. The second reason is that I just lo-o-ove making DIY posts 😉

So guys, how is up for a bit of ripping!

DIY Before / After

But first let’s see how the jeans looked before, and what I got after finishing the DIY.

Before the jeans were just boring regular skinnies, and after they became exciting ripped knee skinnies! Hehe, you may say that’s a “big” change! Nevertheless, I liked them much better this way.  Among all the types of ripped knee jeans I chose the ones with Less Can Be More kind of knee holes. Neat horizontal cuts show just a right amount of the skin, and that was what I was aiming for.

Ok, let’s dive into these super complicated instructions!

Supplies You Need For This DIY

  • a pair of skinnies or any other old jeans
  • an XActo knife with a regular blade
  • a piece of thick cardboard, which is small enough to fit a jeans leg

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Supplies

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Steps

First, you need to find out where the knee line is located on your pair of jeans. I used old jeans, so I could see well where the knee line was “thanks” to еру saggy knees. If you are upcycling a new pair, you may want first to mark the knee line while wearing the jeans in front of a mirror. I made a mistake and made the cut a bit too high, so the holes are now located slightly above my knees (I pretend it is by design hehe).

Ooook! Now put the piece of cardboard inside the leg and place it under the spot where the line is.

Now dissect the jeans along the line! An XActo knife is very sharp, and it will give you a super duper clean cut.

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Steps

Make the cut running wide from one side seam to another.

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Steps

Now it is time to make the cut in the second leg. If you do not want your holes to appear symmetrical, you can slack up and skip this step.

If you want your holes to be in perfect coordination with each other, align well both legs from end to end, and then make the second cut on the same level as the first one. And  do not forget to put the piece of cardboard under the cut line before starting cutting!

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Steps

Pheuuf! The hardest part is done. Two holes, two legs, two cuts.

Now it is your choice – how much of the skin do you want to show? Small seductive holes? Knee windows? (knee windows whaat??) Or do you want to take it to heart? Check out my ripped knee style guide to help you to make your mind up.

I decided to go with Less Can be More kind and made narrow holes.
I cut off about 1/4 inch (6 mm) of the fabric using the exacto knife as shown below. I kept the threads hanging along the sides to preserve the torn edge look.

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Steps

Then do the same with the hole on the other leg. Here is how mines turned to look like.

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Steps

And that’s it!

DIY Result

Here come our perfectly ripped knees! On the picture below I looked a bit concerned while kneeing down. I was not sure how and whether the holes would survive stretching. Turned out my worries were groundless as the holes are pretty elastic thanks to the stretchy fabric of the jeans. Once I stood up, they shrank back. Actually before I did the DIY, my jeans knees used to sag all the time. The knees looked like popped balloons, all sad and wrinkled. Blauh, so ugly (btw, Man Repeller got a super funny post about baggy pant-knees – I was laughing out loud). It was happening because the jeans fabric is cheaply thin and stretches faster than you can blink. But now the holes have somehow swallowed the “bags”, so the jeans-knees look less saggy. Woo-hoo!

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Result

My Ripped Knee Jeans Outfit

I love combining skinnies with over-sized tops and wedges. And this is exactly what I did for this outfit. Here I chose the vintage upcycled sweatshirt, which was a DIY collaboration with Fripe Fabrique from the last year and colorful creepers that matched the color of the sweatshirt. The outfit turned out to be colorful and fun! It is perfect to wear for going out… but I can’t wear it to the office. Boobies patches do not really fit the work environment regardless of how liberal it is. My colleagues are used to see me in all kinds of crazy outfits, but even by my low dress code standards these patches are beyond the bounds (and look who’s talking! A couple of years ago I used to wear to the office a beige mesh shirt with a black bra underneath! That’s how crazy I used to be). The sweatshirt feels light while being quite warm, and this makes it perfect for the chilly spring weather we are having here in Montreal.

Actually I love spring; it is my most favorite season of the year. The nature wakes up and starts growing, and it skyrockets my mood! I like how the spring smells: freshness of the first rain, wet soil, the smell of the first leaves, the smell of smoke coming from the first BBQ of the year. Oh the first BBQ of the year! The food turns to be half burned, half raw – the winter was so long that we forgot how to properly cook on the BBQ – but we gorge on it like it is a delicacy from a Michelin-starred restaurant. Oh that flavor of the perfectly burned bread! Oh that taste of the meat turned charcoal! How cares  it is inedible. It is still the juiciest meal of the year. Mnyam.

Sorry, I got distracted by the smell coming from my open window. I was hungry while writing the post. So, where were we? Right, the boobies’ patches.

That sweatshirt used to belong to Michelle (the owner of the Fripe Fabrique), but she no longer wanted to embarrass herself by wearing it, so she gave it to me.  I was happy – this is so my style, crazy and colorful! Do you guys like it?

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Result

You Wonder What’s up With My Hair?

And yes, I got my hair cut! What do you think guys? As of me I love it! I got so sick of my long hair. It was too flat, too heavy and too long, hard to comb and wash. It was like a bunch of snakes winding around my neck and strangling me at night. A week ago I said “Enough suffering!” and scheduled an appointment with a hairdresser. She chopped off about a feet of my hair (the length below the shoulders), and our lives (my hair’s and mine) got parted. My hair is now on its way to a new exciting life with a new owner who has lost their own hair in a battle with  cancer. In other words, I am about to donate my hair to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Now my head feels so light! And the styling is easier than ever! After washing the hair, I literally have to do only three steps: apply some mousse, comb  it and let it dry! Thanks to the cut, the hair takes the proper shape without additional efforts. Next morning it looks even better: a bit messy and sassy without looking over-done. Minimal maintenance, maximum result!

However, I do not plan to stop there. The next step is coloring (ombre!), and it will be a-ma-zing! Stay tuned 😉

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Result


Get The Look

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Result

How to Make Holes In Jeans DIY Result

Happy hole making!!!

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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  1. Nephtyis
    Nephtyis says:

    Hey 😉 Its a great idea to donate your hair. Two years ago i lost all my hair and wigs are very expensive. My hair grown again, but since some months they fail again :/ i try my best to hush up and hope they will grow fast 🙂 I liked your long hair very much it was cute , the new look ist more cool and so spring like 😉 I like it ♥

    • dushonok
      dushonok says:

      Eva, aww, so sorry to hear about your hair. Do you know the reason? Was it a sickness or something?

      Thanks for your kind words! My hair grows fast, and I am pretty lazy to go to a salon on a regular basis, so there are chances it will grow long back soon :)))

  2. Lauest
    Lauest says:

    I knew it was about time until you would make your own knee cut outs!! Hhahaha and about the hair I love it, for some reason it looks very “you” hahah I couldn’t get myself to cut my hair that short but it looks amazing on you HUGS

    • dushonok
      dushonok says:

      hey, Fernanyi, you guessed it right 🙂 It is such an easy DIY, the temptation was strong!
      Glad you like my new hair, because I am in total love with it myself! Everyday when I look in the mirror I feel great. I feel a bit nostalgic about my old hair, true, but the benefits overweight the nostalgia hehe

  3. Nadya Ershova
    Nadya Ershova says:

    Marina de Rive-Sud – надо сначала деньжат подкопить 🙂 Джинсы конечно сделай, мне тааааак эти дырки нравятся! с ними стало гораздо лучше


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