Pearls & Denim: Bead Embellished Jeans DIY (collaboration with FripeFabrique)

Pearls & Denim: Bead Embellished Jeans DIY (collaboration with FripeFabrique)

Look what we have recently done with Michelle at Fripe Fabrique! Bead Embellished Jeans DIY is our new collaborative project. We took a pair of vintage mom’s jeans and made them delightfully elegant. “Comfy turned elegant” would be the best wording to describe the result. We took an old necklace with pearly and charms, disassembled it and embellished the jeans […]

8 Holiday Outfits From Christmas Fashion Lookbook By Fripe Fabrique

Now it’s the time to kick off the holiday season! I am happy to announce that FripeFabrique and I have prepared for you something inspirationally sparkly. It’s our new holiday lookbook: Gold & Glitter. We got eight vintage pieces, each beautiful and unique, and created easy and fab holiday looks. We wanted to express the festive mood of Christmas with a dash of childishness – after […]

Future Folk In Fall Fashion: Mixing Vintage And Modern

7 Future Folk Outfits For Fall: Mixing Vintage And Modern

In the beginning of September our team of Fripe Fabrique released a fall fashion lookbook called Future Folk. Future Folk is an emerging Autumn/Winter 2014-15 trend in which colourfulness of folk patterns is combined with practicality of modern casual fashion. We loved the idea of mixing vintage pieces from the 60s and 70s with edgy modern pieces like geometric jewellery, suede booties, and […]