High Waisted Shorts Outfit: Lace And Colour

High Waisted Shorts Outfit: Lace And Colour

High Waisted Shorts Outfit Outfit Speaking of  high waisted shorts outfits… After finishing  Distressed Denim Cut Off Shorts DIY, I realized that.. .I am obsessed :))) I needed yet another pair of distressed shorts in light denim. Well, all my high waisted shorts are pretty tight, and I wanted to have something looser and more comfortable. […]

How To Wear 1970s Vintage Summer Dresses

How To Wear Vintage 1970s Dresses

Wondering how to wear vintage 1970s dresses in modern fashion style? This post is for you! Recently I have made a lookbook for the Fripe Fabrique store (where I am a business partner) where we featured five hot 1970s dresses. It was a fun photo-shoot where I was a photographer, a model, and later a photo editor. Photos of me were taken by the […]

Project Re-FAB: Styling the ESCADA Skirt

Project Re-FAB: Styling the ESCADA Skirt

Introducing Project Re-Fab—collaboratively helping you re-imagine and recreate your unwanted garments. Here, at Fripe Fabrique, we love collaboration and hatу throwing away stuff. We got on board a sewing genius Sonia from La Fabrique Ethique and a treasure hunter  Julie from Julinthesky and decided to do something with some oldie but goody quality garments. This is how project Re-Fab was born.  Every other […]

Vintage & DIY

Generation Y: Vintage & DIY

My favorite outfit of the year: Vintage Indian blouse and tie-dye bleached jeans. Mixing vintage and DIY items has become a signature fashion trend of Generation Y! Looking to construct a similar look? Let’s see. Vintage Indian blouse is from my online store, and you can find it here. The bleached jeans is my DIY project, and here is the post about […]

Fripe Fabriqu Online We Are Open Sale

F.F. Online – We Are Open!

Hey guys, Hope you are doing fine! Here, at Montreal, we are celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Day and enjoying an amazing sunny day which is a rare guest this summer! Meanwhile, it is my big pleasure to announce that my online boutique is open!!! I am doing it in collaboration with Fripe Fabrique, a brick-n-mortar store […]

Dylon Flamingo Pink Tie-Dye Secondhand Shirt Upcycle DIY and my cat

Me And My Cat

Recently I have been shooting my new DIY on the balcony. My cat Masala saw me through the window and asked to join. I could not say no to such a pretty hairy creature 🙂 On this picture I am wearing Urban Outfitters teal sunglasses, an upcycled shirt, and my bracelets made of old necklaces. Masala is […]

blue Gray Vintage Dress from 80s

Vintage Dress And Busy Me

Recently I have been pretty busy, and  I loved it! While my collaboration with Quartier Mode has been gradually decreasing, I have started a new project in partnership with a vintage/DIY store Fripe Fabrique. Fripe Fabrique Inc. (FF) is a boutique and D.I.Y. (do it yourself) atelier that provides fashion lovers of Montreal a unique retail environment: workshop […]