Knee Peep Show: 11 Ripped Knee Jeans Outfits

Knee Peep Show Guide: 11 Ripped Knee Jeans Outfits + One Extra from Myself

Close the curtains, keep the kids away from the screen: Today I am telling you about peep shows… Knee peep shows, that is! The ripped knee denim trend is currently huge, and knee peep shows can be peeped at everywhere. Let’s see how bloggers wear these trendy holes in these ripped knee jeans outfits. Also, I have recently did a […]

9 two-piece sets for spring: Conveniently pretty

10 Two-Piece Sets For Spring: Conveniently Pretty

Matching set from Spring 2015 Collection by Stella McCartney Last summer and fall matching two-piece sets were super popular, and it seems that the trend is spilling out into the upcoming spring season. I have a love-hate relationship with matching sets. On one hand they are conveniently easy to style (well no styling required! the whole outfit is already perfectly […]

11 Street Fashion Bags From London Fashion Week 2015 Your Kids Would Be Happy to Have

11 Street Fashion Bags From London Fashion Week 2015 Your Kids Would Be Happy to Have

London Fashion Week 2015 has started right when the New York Fashion Week finished. I don’t understand how the models, designers and fashionistas manage to flock from one a part of the globe to another so quickly; however, they do somehow. They’re true jet-setters. Fashion nomads. LFW street style photos that started popping up on the […]

My Weekly Fashion Inspiration: 10 Oversized Scarf Outfits

10 Oversized Scarf Outfits

I have just come back from NYC where I had wonderful time and managed to do two photo shoots instead of one as I planned before. Yes, my trip was successful despite the fact that it was pretty chilling over there and winter showed its teeth. I even had troubles coming back to Canada, because my flight […]