My Do It Yourself Projects

vintage second hand watch fridge magnet DIY

DIY: Fridge Magnets Made Of Watches

Recently I have been wondering what DIY project I can do with second hand watches. Here is my idea: Fridge magnets 🙂 You will need: old watch round flat magnets glue for metall round-nose pliers and cutting ones Follow these steps: disassemble the watch: remove all the back parts and take out the clock-face glue […]

DIY Second Hand Lace Doily Bowls

DIY: Lace Doily Bowls

Recently I have made this beautiful DIY project, and now I have pretty bowls to store my jewelry. Want to make one, too? Here are my instructions! You will need: – crochet lace doilies (I bought mines at a second hand store, 25 cents each) – fabric stiffener – glass bowls or vases; if you do […]

Itajime Shibori Reversed Tie Dye Bleached Studded Denim Jacket DIY

Bleached Studded Denim Jacket DIY: Make the Most Out of Your Favorite Jacket

The spring has arrived, and it means that my bleaching season has started! For the first project of the season I have chosen a tie dye bleaching technique presented in the Free People blog last summer. The technique is based on an old Japanese dyeing method called “itajime shibori.” Shibori is a Japanese term for methods of dyeing cloth by […]

Itajime Shibori Reversed Tie Dye Bleaching DIY by Free People

Reversed Tie Dye Bleaching

The Canadian spring has started at last, and it got enough warm outside to get fun with bleach! This week-end my balcony was turned into a DIY station with bleach bottles, buckets with water, and garments hanging all over the balcony rails:) For my first project of the season I decided to go with the DIY from this Free […]

second hand bead necklaces to bracelets

Old Beads And A Dog

I’ve got a bunch of old bead necklaces in my jewelry casket. Some of them I bought at a second hand store, and some were left abandoned after my style has changed. The one made of uneven multicolored agate beads was brought from Russia. It used to belong to my mom, and it holds some great […]

polka Dot Stamped Second hand Denim DIY

DIY: Polka Dot Jeans

Polka dots is a  trendy pattern this season! This is a good news, because it is really easy to make it yourself. Here is my DIY for you 🙂 I bought this pair of ordinary skinny jeans at a second hand store for $5. To do stamping, I used the same tools that I got when did my […]

Polka Dot DIY Inspiration: Lookbook Isabel Marant Inspired

DIY Inspiration: Polka Dots

Polka dots seemed to be a naive pattern that suited only childish looks. However, recently it has become super popular! You can see it blended into trendy street looks, worn by fashion week attendees, and favored by famous fashion brands. And I am very happy to see it! Polka dot stamped jeans is a project […]