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DIY: Tangerine Candles Result

DIY: Tangerine Candles

Autumn has arrived. Nights are getting colder and colder while days are getting shorter. Summer easiness slips away, and more and more often I find myself having lazy time while cuddling with the cat under a blanket. Autumn is the time when I start lighting up candles to compensate cooling sun and catch eluding warmth. […]

DIY Patched Vintage Jeans Inspired By Junya Watanabe's AW Fashion Collection 2013 Before / After

DIY Patched Vintage Jeans Inspired By Junya Watanabe’s AW Fashion Collection 2013

Over the past couple of seasons, we have seen the growing trend of fashion clothing covered up in patchwork. Take for example the ready-to-ware Junya Watanabe’s Autumn-Winter Collection 2013. The whole collection was all about patch work! That’s where we got our inspiration from when we were looking for a way how to upcycle a pair of […]

DIY: Chain Set With Pink Crochet Cord

DIY: Chain Set With Pink Crochet Cord

Looking for an easy way to up-cycle your outdated chain jewelry pieces? Well you found one! All you will need is some bright cord and.. your finger! This DIY is all about finger crocheting 😉 I did this post in collaboration with my co-partner at Fripe Fabrique Michelle. She modeled for this picture, and her personality perfectly matched […]