Shot Smileys Or Owls? See What Patches Won!

Shot Smileys Or Owls? See What Patches Won!

Remember, in my first post about patched jacket I said: Whatever patch package comes first, I will use it. So, some package arrived… Can you guess which one it was?!?!?? Right! Shot Smileys! I was jumping happily (you would do too after two weeks of waiting); however, it made my boyfriend quite upset: he really liked the owls and hated […]

How To Turn Earrings To Bracelet Charm DIY After

Turn Earrings Into Bracelet Charms DIY

Converting old things into new ones is my crazy obsession. Every piece of junk literally winks at me and whispers – me, me, take me! This time it was a pair of old silver tone earrings looking at me very seductively. I bought them long time ago, and it did not work out between us. They were awesome… also way too heavy for […]

DIY Patched Vintage Jeans Inspired By Junya Watanabe's AW Fashion Collection 2013 Before / After

DIY Patched Vintage Jeans Inspired By Junya Watanabe’s AW Fashion Collection 2013

Over the past couple of seasons, we have seen the growing trend of fashion clothing covered up in patchwork. Take for example the ready-to-ware Junya Watanabe’s Autumn-Winter Collection 2013. The whole collection was all about patch work! That’s where we got our inspiration from when we were looking for a way how to upcycle a pair of […]