About PortraitHi everybody!

My name is Nadya. I live in Montreal, Canada. Montreal is a great place to live! It is inspiring, heartening, and motivating, and it is SO my true love. Originally I am from Russia, and I left my mother country in 2005.

My day job is in software development, but my spare time is all dedicated to fashion, photography, and blogging. In this blog, I share my DIY projects as well as show my second hand and vintage finds.

My latest and most important involvement in the local Montreal fashion is being a business partner at Fripe Fabrique (FF), Montreal store that features a crazy mix of vintage clothes and stuff from indie designers as well as hosts various DIY workshops. At FF I do all kinds of things: fashion photo shoots, blogging, DIY-ing, organizing workshops… In short, at FF I keep myself very busy and very happy! Check out a beautiful blog post that Michelle, my dear business partner and founder of Fripe Fabrique, wrote about me.

In addition, I volunteer for a non-profit organization the SWAP Team that organizes clothes swap events all around Canada. While being on both management and marketing boards, I blog about sustainable fashion as a residential Frugalista. Check out my posts here!

I also used to blog for a Montreal store Quartier Mode that was selling Canadian fashion designer clothes and accessories. Every Sunday I published an outfit made with items found at the store. Unfortunately, the shop shut down a while ago, but you still can read my 19 posts here.

Curious to know more about my work? Read this post: “Start-up” Fashion At Radialpoint, IT Company Where I Work

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