summer two piece Sets

Stay Cool And Look Matched: 13 Gorgeous Summer Two Piece Sets For Every Kind Of Soul

summer two piece Sets

Well-well-well, look who’s here! It is our dear friend two piece set! A while ago we already looked at the matching sets for Spring 2015, and since the spring is gone and the summer has arrived, it’s time to look at the ones that are more suitable for hot weather and active life. For this post I chose only the two piece sets that come with shorts, because I think in summer the shorts are much more convenient then skirts. Don’t you agree?

As you know I have a love-hate relationship with matching sets. On one hand I love it how easy they are to style (no styling required, duh!), and on the other hand… since the outfit is already hautement coordonné (you like my French, don’t you 😉 ), I have little opportunity to enhance it with my personality. My poor personality feels tangled and strangled and tries to escape from a tight hug of the matching set.

Despite all the whining and complaining, here I am again talking about two piece sets and even planning to make one for summer! Stay tuned – my next DIY will be out next week. As for  now… let’s look how we can spend these hot sunny days wearing almost nothing but a top and a pair of matching shorts.

Colorful Two Piece Sets For Attention Looking Souls

These two piece sets will definitely get you noticed. Also the chances are that the observers may develop a temporary lost of vision after being blinded by your flashing… matching set.



Hello 90s, we love you and your hot vintage two pieces.


Vintage Abstract Floral 90’s CROP TOP Noir Ohio via

How about being a walking rainbow?


Stela 9 Hacienda Two Pies Set: SHOP at

Mono-chromatically Attractive Two Piece Sets For Geometry Lovers

If circles and lines were your best friends in school, you should get one of the matching sets with geometrical pattern. Like this one with polka dots (which are technically circles, right?)


Polka Dot Frenzy BY BANKE B. via

Lines! Also known as zigzags.


Stripped two-piece with tassel BY ASHLEY A. via

Ooops, this vintage one has hearts instead of circles… but I think it still belongs to the geometrically compatible breed. Hearts are as cool as circles!


Vintage HEART print vtg 70’s NOVELTY 2 piece shorts + tunic by Noir Ohio: SHOP at

Hippie Style Two Piece Sets For Free Spirits

Spiritual pattern = spiritual life? Let’s pretend it is!


Matching Set BY KARLA Q. via


Free People Dalia Dreams Set: SHOP at

Sculpturally Complicated Two Piece Sets For 3D Lovers

I cannot help but notice that 3D shapes are penetrating into mass fashion. How does it feel to wear a sculpture? My guess it feels very warm (due to the number of fabric layers sculptured around your body).


Style Stalker Blue Jasmine Layered Matching Set: SHOP at


Style Mafia Kiki Set: SHOP online

Elegant Two Piece Sets For California Dreamers

And if you are one of these people who dream about (and eventually will leave to) California, now you can dream in style! I have lost so many friends who moved California… but now I have plenty of places to stay there for free! Woo-hoo!


Nerve by Jenny C. via


Two Piece Floral Set BY JAMAJKA via


Tienlyn from #SayHelloMax in the #Missguided Jenae #Neoprene Crop Top and Lakeesha Shorts via

After going through so many stunning matching set outfits I kinda want to buy one… What? Buy?.. But I wanted to make one, not to buy one! Why buy? DIY! Stay tuned to see my two piece set DIY coming out next week!

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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