11 Street Fashion Bags From London Fashion Week 2015 Your Kids Would Be Happy to Have

11 Street Fashion Bags From London Fashion Week 2015 Your Kids Would Be Happy to Have

11 Street Fashion Bags From London Fashion Week 2015 Your Kids Would Be Happy to Have

London Fashion Week 2015 has started right when the New York Fashion Week finished. I don’t understand how the models, designers and fashionistas manage to flock from one a part of the globe to another so quickly; however, they do somehow. They’re true jet-setters. Fashion nomads.

LFW street style photos that started popping up on the Internet feature outfits which are as crazy as the ones we saw in NYC. In this post I will show you eleven wicked and playful purses noticed on the streets of London throughout the LFW 2015. I’m sure your kids would be so happy to play with them!

Street style Bath towel purse and pink fur sandals at LFW 2015

This is a clown purse for a bath, let’s fill it up with soap bubbles!
from @jai_stylefactory

Fried eggs purse and bright orange white black outfit at LFW 2015

Tasty purse! Kids like fried eggs, right?
by @sugarkanelove

Pink kitty purse and feather midi skirt at LFW 2015

 A tiny pink kitty! Let’s pet it!
by harpersbazaar.com

Eye purse and black dress at LFW 2015

 An eye… or maybe a sun from a fairy tale land!
by harpersbazaar.com

Kellogg's ad purse with Tony the Tiger and cute sneakers at LFW 2015

Tony the Tiger! Frosties! Let’s ask mom to buy some!
by elle.com

Fox plush purse and star stamped jeans at LFW 2015

No, I do not want a fox plush! Said no kid ever.
by wmagazine.com

Bazooka bubble gum purse at LFW 2015

This purse must be full of bubble gum!
by chicspiration.wordpress.com

toy car purse at LFW 2015

A toy car, let’s roll it around!
by fashionmagazine.com

kids stuff purse and camel coat and yellow gloves at LFW 2015

This purse is simply a collection of treasures every kid must have
by thesartorialist.com

to car purse and geometric pattern dress at LFW 2015

Another toy car!
by @sublimepebblesv

Toy phone purse at LFW 2015

Let’s play the telephone game!
somewhere from Google search

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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      dushonok says:

      Naomi, thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it 🙂 I find it amusing how fashion gets inspired by toys. It proves the saying “there is a child inside each of us”.


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