Colorfully Bizarre Street Fashion at New York Fashion Week 2015

Colorfully Bizarre Street Fashion at New York Fashion Week 2015

Colorfully Bizarre Street Fashion at New York Fashion Week 2015

Yesterday was the last day of the New York Fashion Week 2015. It was arctic cold in NYC during the whole week, but brave cold-resistant fashionistas rocked it anyway in colorful and bizarre clothes. Let’s take a look at 11 crazy outfits spotted on the streets on New York during the NYFW 2015.


She looks a bit like an alien, don’t you think?
Only aliens can wear white clogs in winter.
by @threadmindcom


Another alien!


It makes me think fashionistas are like onions.
Not in the sense they make me cry. Or maybe they do a little bit.


A colorful oversized scarf, this is exactly what everyone needs in the Arctic Circle.
At home you can re-use it as a cozy blanket. Or vice versa.
by Vogue


Bright heads seem to be in vogue not only in the IT industry.


The designer had really hard time setting their mind on the length of the coat.


Skirt multi-layering?
Or are these pants underneath?


Oui??! Hell non!


Return the coat back to the painter! He needs it more than you!


 Some fashionistas decided the spring had already arrived.
Really worring about the girl! Did she survive, does anybody know?
by @yasoboleva


Nice bib, babe
by @such.a.betty

Of course, do not take it all too serious. I love all the outfits, and I admire the courage of the fashionistas 😉

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