How 2014 Will Shape 2015 For Me: Sweet Resolutions And No-So-Sweet Flashbacks

This is my first post of the new year 2015, and I feel I should write about the past year and about the plans for the new one.

I have been reading the blogs I follow to see what 2014 was for the other people… and for many it was a quite inspiring year. My dear fellow bloggers quit their jobs, went to life changing trips, got into new businesses, opened for themselves a new spiritual side of life. Very inspiring.

For me 2014 was a good year. I travelled a bit and worked a lot. Did not achieve anything in particular, but most importantly understood better myself and my place in this life. I made several important decisions, and 2015 will be the time to act upon them. It will be once again a life changing year. I have such life changing periods every 3-4 years or so. About four years ago I jumped from a high cliff into a cold and stormy ocean of life by leaving my ex-husband. Four years before that he and I moved from USA to Canada, and about three years before that we got married and moved from Russia to USA.  Ok, maybe I am stretching it a bit, since there were so many other things happened in between… but somehow the pattern is clear for me, and this time I hear the call for change very well. It’s the time.

Many of you have probably made resolutions to become even more happier in the new year. I am so with you on this. I plan to make my life more satisfying than ever! Sounds ambitious – and it is. On the blogging side I plan to make my blog self hosted, and I have already started the process, but it takes my new hosting forever to finish the transfer awwww. In addition to that the website will get a major face-lifting that will help you to enjoy it even more and will make blogging easier and more convenient for me. My personal plans shall remain secret 😉 and once (and if) they come true, I will write about them here.

What was the year 2014 for you? How will it affect the new year? Looking forward to hear your stories and resolutions!

A post about the outfit is coming next 😉

Red And Grey Winter Outfit: Vintage Shawl

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  1. Remade in Britain
    Remade in Britain says:

    My 2014 was a lot like yours, really. I learnt more about myself and tried to be good to those around me, and to me that’s enough to count as a worthwhile year. I hope 2015 is everything you want it to be!

    • dushonok
      dushonok says:

      It is important to know yourself well, right? I think it can be a big part of success if you know your strengths and limitations.
      Thanks for your sweet wishes, I wish you the same!

      Love your website btw. Im a huuuge fan of upcycling!


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