8 Holiday Outfits From Christmas Fashion Lookbook By Fripe Fabrique

Now it’s the time to kick off the holiday season! I am happy to announce that FripeFabrique and I have prepared for you something inspirationally sparkly. It’s our new holiday lookbook: Gold & Glitter. We got eight vintage pieces, each beautiful and unique, and created easy and fab holiday looks. We wanted to express the festive mood of Christmas with a dash of childishness – after all, don’t we all have a little child inside us? 😉 The looks were artfully pulled together by Michelle, the founder of FF, and were modelled by the beautiful Maria Garzon. I was again the girl behind the camera and Photoshop. I think our team did a great job 🙂


Vintage Golden Sequins Blazer made 80s (sold) / Vintage Gold Sparkly Blouse made 80s

Apart from making the holiday lookbook, we have done so much in the last few weeks. The pre-Christmas season is the busiest time of the year in retail.

First of all, the FF store has just hosted Etsy Holiday Pop-up Shop with 35 Canadian artists participated. The vendors presented over 2000 items: post cards, jewellery, home decor, pretty dresses, toys, etc. We had a big launch party, a few DIYs hosted in the store, visits by local bloggers and simply a huge crowd of Etsy hungry people flocking in… It was a huge thing that involved a lot of effort from many, many people.

Then, right before the event, we got an urgent order from ALDO Shoes to make 200 Christmas lanterns. Yes, 200! We made them out of tin cans by hand piercing each can.  4 hours of bang-bang-bang non-stop! Then we painted them and wrapped every single one in soft paper. The ALDO guys will have a big Christmas party, and the lanterns will be a part of the decoration. That was quite a project! Check it out on my Instagram: making holes, wrapping, the final look.

In addition, soon we will have yet another DIY at a Christmas pop-up art fair in Little Italy, Montreal (if you are from Montreal and want to know more, check it out here). Needless to say, this DIY had to be also planned and prepared  in advance.  Pheeeew! No time to relax 🙂

At the same time (mostly at nights) I was processing the lookbook photos and pulling it all together. Here bomes the rest of the photos!


Vintage Silver Black Dress made in 80s



Vintage Silver Black Dress made in 80s / Black Sequins Dress made in 60s



Victorian Black Blouse made in 80s

Eight Holiday Outfits: Christmas Fashion Lookbook With Fripe Fabrique

Golden Lace Top Romper made in 80s

Eight Holiday Outfits From Christmas Fashion Lookbook With Fripe Fabrique

Dark Teal Knitted Shirt made in 80sVintage Golden Sequins Blazer made 80s (sold)

Eight Holiday Outfits From Christmas Fashion Lookbook With Fripe Fabrique

Black Dress With White Lace Hem made in 80s

Photography: Nadya dushonok.com

Style & make-up: Michelle Hutchinson

Model: Maria Garzon

See the full lookbook on the FF’s website

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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