New Post On My Vlog: Four Fall Outfits With Thrifted Clothes I Got for $10 or Less

4 Fall Outfits With Thrifted Clothes I Got for $10 or Less: New Episode On My Fashion Vlog

A couple of weeks ago during lunch break I went to a thrift store next to my work to shop for new exciting second hand clothes for fall. This shopping trip was a tough one: I had only about one hour to shop and some constrains on the money side… Despite of that I managed to get some nice stuff – let’s see it all in a new episode on my fashion vlog!

Behind The Scene Of The Vlog Episode

I made this video in a trial version of FinalCut Pro X. FinalCut  is an advanced version of iMovie (which is free). This piece of software is so permitting and liberating comparing to its small brother! It allowed me to do cool special effects like putting 4 videos next to each other as well as placing text in arbitrary places, change its colour and font – yes, iMovie is weirdly restricted when it comes to text. Too often paid versions are so much better than free ones, and now I am considering spending $300 on the awesome FinalCut.

Seeking a feedback, I posted my second video to Reddit (in case you do not know what Reddit is – it’s a community-based source for what’s new and popular on the web) to the /r/shamelesplug, /r/videos and /r/TodayIWore subbreddits. Heh…  fellow redditers were not super excited about my creation. One said the video gave him(her) cancer, while another one said it does not feel natural. While I totally agree with the second opinion, the first one seems to be a bit exaggerated 😉 So, taking the feedback into account, in this new video I did extra work. I cut off a lot of the footage where I talk and “act” and replaced the outfits voice-over with music and text (that’s when FinalCut came very handy). Hope it helped to make the video better.

One may ask – why am I doing it, since I am clearly not very good at making videos? The main reason is that I want to overcome my shyness and become better at public speaking. The best way to do it is practice, practice, and practice again. However, doing practice on my own just for a sake of it is boring. And making fashion videos is fun. This brings in the second reason – it turned out I love making videos despite the difficulties and the amount of labour. While editing videos, I can literally spend hours sitting on the couch with a laptop on my laps and my cat purring next to me. I forget to eat, I forget to go to the bathroom, I forget I am tired – all the attention is there where the timeline and cut tools help to transform a sequence of frames into a story… I am carried away…

Fashion Video Subreddit

Speaking of Reddit… While looking for more subreddits to share my videos, I realized there is no subreddit that specializes on fashion videos. No subreddit?  Not a problem! Let’s create one – and now I am a proud creator and moderator of /r/fasionvideos community 🙂 If you are a Reddit user, feel free to join and share your favourite videos about fashion.


And of course, your feedback on my videos is always very welcome and very appreciated! See all of them here: My Videos.

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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