I Got A Vlog, And It's YouTube Channel About Fashion And DIY

I Got A Vlog, And It’s YouTube Channel About Fashion And DIY

I am jumping on the bandwagon of online videos… I have opened a YouTube channel! Exited! I plan to video-blog or vlog about fashion, style, thrift-shopping, DIY, and everything that comes from the mix – the same interesting things I blog about here. Today I am showing you my introduction video, and I am soo curious to hear your opinion! Let me know what you think!

It all started a couple of weeks ago when my boyfriend, a big fan of YouTube videos, showed me a popular vlog: “Hey, this girl looks so much like you! And she also makes funny faces! Her fans love her! Maybe you can film yourself and start your own YouTube channel?” I was listening to him skeptically – I am not a big fan of videos in general and making videos in particular. Unprofessional videos are often long and boring, while making videos seems to be so much harder comparing to photography. However, somehow inside me my creative part was quietly arguing with my skeptical one trying to persuade it to give it a try. It was arguing and definitely winning. Also, a few months ago I played in a promo video that was shot at work to promote one of our projects. Guess what? Everybody loved my laughter in the end. Why not to laugh more?

So, one nice week-end I said – let’s do it! And my boyfriend and I shot this introduction video.

He was a camera man and my tech guide in video editing. Thank you, Sam! 😉

But man, is making videos hard. There are so much more things to take care of comparing to photo shoots!

It seems hard to retouch a video – just imagine how many single “photos” I would have to adjust! Because of that, the filming session was preceded with elaborated preparations: ironing the clothes, getting rid of stains, applying heavier make-up, styling hair. Light became more important than ever – it had to be nearly perfect, since I had few ways to fix it in post-processing.

Another challenge for me was the sound. Sound is a matter that is as complex as image! It should be recorded with a good quality without echo and then processed without loosing this hard-achieved quality. To record my voice properly, I had to stay close to the camera and talk loudly. In post-processing I applied a noise reduction and a voice enhancing, but you can still hear the echo.

I think it is very important that a video tells a story. Also, I hate long-drawn-out videos that have tons of boring moments that could be successfully cut off. I often skim long videos by scrolling it every two-three minutes. So yes, I wanted to avoid boring my audience to death and to make a dynamic and fun movie where every frame matters. I hope I have succeeded!

I made this movie in iMovie on my Mac laptop. The shooting took a few hours, and the video editing took about 3 full days. As you can see it on my YouTube channel, this is not my first video, but it is the very first one of this level of complexity.

Despite of all the whining above, I did enjoy making the video and want to do it more! I think with getting the experience I will learn the tricks and secrets that will help me to be more efficient. We will see!

P.S. I did iron my sweater before the shoot! I swear! :)))

P.P.S. The shirt I am talking about in the video is this one: DIY: Doily Embellished Shirt.

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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