Denim Jacket With Patches: Must-Have On My Fall DIY List

Denim Jacket With Patches: Must-Have On My Fall DIY List

The patched denim jackets have been trendy this Summer 2014, and it looks like the trend will spill over to the Fall Fashion 2014. This is a great news for me, since I have been wanting to make one for a while. Buying is almost never on my list of options when it comes to clothes. I love doing stuff by hand (mostly upcycling) and prefer to spend money on something I cannot make: shoes and bags.

Denim Jacket With Patches Inspiration

Ok, back to the jacket. I saw this awesome piece in the Kayla Hadlington’ s blog and immediately fell in love. What makes this particular jacket special is rose patches. I am a bit sick of seeing patches in form of labels, license plate, and signs. They are everywhere! The rose ones are so different.

Fall DIY: Denim Jacket With Patches

Vintage Levi Strauss & Co Denim Jacket

So I went to a thrift store to hint for a vintage denim jacket. Vintage denim jackets seem to be a rare find nowadays – everybody is crazy about them! It made my task harder, but I figured one nice trick. Denim jackets should be hunted in a men’s section of the store! The women’s section usually has only outdated denim outerwear which is absolutely not cool.

So, I ended up finding and buying three denim jackets. One of them was this vintage Levi Strauss & Co denim jacket. Seems like a perfect candidate for my upcycling project!

Denim Jacket With Patches: Must-Have On My Fall DIY List

Then I went online hunting for cute iron on patches.

Patches For DIY: Psychedelic Owls Or Shot Smileys?

I want to achieve both playful and original look, so I rejected the patches that look too serious and over-used: peace sign, skulls, smileys, signs, labels… even patches in form of eyes with lashes looked too over-worn.

Eventually I found this magnificent Etsy store TDFT. I spent about two hours scrolling through their patches and not being able to choose what to order! I loved them all. Only the quality was a bit worrisome. Also, the store review rating was quite low: 4 starts according to Etsy’s “standards” is not very good.

Still, I ordered 3 set of vintage owls. I liked that the owls had different patterns and shapes, and their psychedelic look appealed to me. Each set has 5 patches, so in total I ordered 15 pieces! I will be able to cover every square inch of the jacket with them 🙂 They should arrive in three weeks, because each order is hand made by demand.

Fall DIY: Denim Jacket With Patches

After ordering the owls, I stumbled upon another cool patches! Shot smileys, how fun they are! 😉 I could not resist and ordered them as well :))) (plus, the store rating was absolutely perfect, 5 stars, and the owner was super nice and shipped my order very quickly). I ordered 9 pieces each about 5 cm  big – this should be enough.

Denim Jacket With Patches: Fall Must-Have On My DIY List

I will see which ones come first (the smileys are shipped from Thailand, so I have to wait 2 weeks minimum) and use the ones that come first. Cannot wait to make my dream patched denim jacket! Either with the smileys or with the owls!

P.S. I made the patched denim jacket! See the results in the post Want To Make A Patched Jacket Without Any Sewing? Learn How To Succeed.

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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