DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Tie Dye

Made Pretty: DIY Doily Embellished Shirt

DIY Doily Embellished Tie Dye Pink Shirt

Do you remember my tie-dye pink shirt? Here comes its sequel! Meet my new doily-embellished DIY shirt. The back of the original pink shirt was clearly missing something, so I decided to embellish it with a vintage doily. Vintage doilies can be found in second hand stores, and they cost close to nothing. Use them to add a trendy detail to your garment. You can apply it to the back of the garment or to the front and even to a shoulder.

To remind you how the shirt used to look before:

Dylon Flamingo Pink Tie-Dye Secondhand Shirt Upcycle DIY

Here is how you can craft it.

Supplied You Need For This DIY

  • a shirt
  • a doily
  • glue for fabric (can be replaced by any art glue that easily washes out)
  • scissors
  • tread matching the color of the doily
  • pins (not pictured)
  • a sewing machine (not pictured)

DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Steps

DIY Instructions

Position the doily in the middle of the back and pin it down.

This doily has nice open segments in the center, and they will decorate the hole.

DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Steps

It is important to keep the doily in place while stitching it to the garment. Use the glue to help the pins immobilizing it.

Before continuing, let the glue dry for approximately half an hour.

DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Steps

Now sew it using the sewing machine. Configure the machine to stitch in a zigzag pattern with a medium step.

Make two stitches. One should go along the outer edge of the doily petals. Another one should be closer to the center, around the circle area that will become  the opening.

Hint: you can stitch right on top of the pins as long as you sew perpendicular to them.

DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Steps

Now it is time to do a cut out!

Turn the shirt the inner side out. Carefully make a cut along the inner stitch to trim out the fabric.

DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Steps

And voila! The shirt is done! This is my most favorite shirt now 🙂

DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Result

Thanks to Doily T-shirt Embellishing by SC Johnson for the inspiration!

Before / After Photo

DIY Doily Embellished Shirt Before After

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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