Montreal Fashion Week

Montreal Fashion Week

On the first week of February I went to the Montreal Fashion Week. Usually I only go to its smaller bro, Montreal Fashion and Design Festival, but this winter I urgently needed a healthy dose of pretty clothes! The winter was way too harsh!

Montreal Fashion Week

I had time to go to only two shows: Ralph Leroy and Martin Lim.

Ralph Leroy plays with the color of metals, such as bronze, copper, silver and platinum, accented with his usual strong colors, while using fine materials such as leather, suede, silk and wool. He manipulates these pieces masterfully with skill and creativity.

His collection presented many suits as well as quite several feminine dresses. I liked the best this white dress with dark turquoise bow on the back.

Montreal Fashion Week: Ralph Leroy Dress

After the defile Ralph Leroy had a great dancing show with ballerinas .

Montreal Fashion Week: Ralph Leroy Dancing Show

Martin Lim is actually a duo of Danielle MARTIN & Pao LIM. Their Fall/Winter collection was very different from the one by Ralph Leroy.

For Fall 2013, references of the sixties alongside the study of elementary geometry combined with sportsʻ elements evoke a modernist, chic and effortless style. Femininity and graphic art confirm Martin Limʼs style.

I liked the best these extra-terrestrial pieces.
Montreal Fashion Week: Fall/Winter Martin Lim dresses

And the shiny space jacket.

Montreal Fashion Week: Fall/Winter Martin Lim

At the Week, I wore a long emerald tulle skirt and an up-cycled vintage dolman sleeve sweater with paillettes. Originally the length of the sweater was up to the waste. I shortened its front part to open up a bit of my belly. It got quite a trendy look! I did the alteration in a hurry the evening before the show and did not have time to shoot the process. But no worries, I will do it post factum and will show it to you 🙂

Montreal Fashion Week:

You can see the full report in my Instagram where I am dushonok.

BTW, after the show Martin Lim followed me on Instagram. Join them! 😉

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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