Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Make Your Skinny Jeans Trendy

Today I will share with you one of my most favourite DIY projects: tie-dye bleaching. It is very easy to do, and the result is always cool and unique! That makes this project fun is that the pattern you get in the end which is difficult to predict. It depends on the way you tie the item before bleaching it, and this opens endless possibilities for experimenting! This time I have chosen the rubber band technique. I found the instructions on the Internet and decided to use them as a guide. But you know these instructions rarely reveal all the tricks and hidden catches of the DIY process. My goal here is to give you the full picture! I want to show you that it is possible to be creative and not being afraid of trying, failing, and trying again.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim Result

This is the result I got. In this outfit I combined the bleached skinny jeans with a Tommy Hilfiger coat and a second hand pleather bag by H&M. I found the bag at one of the clothing swap events organized by the SWAP Team.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Skinny Jeans Outfit

This is the original skinny jeans I bought at a thrift store. They cost me about $5.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Before

Supplies You Need For Tie-Dye Bleaching

  • a pair of jeans
  • rubber bands
  • domestic bleach (not pictured)
  • a plastic bucket (not pictured)

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Supplies

Tie-Dye Bleaching Instructions

I started with the trouser legs, trying to put the bands symmetrically on each leg.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

Then I tied up the top part.Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

Time to bleach!

I mixed one part of bleach and one part of water and put the jeans into the liquid. The item spent there about 25 min. In the original instructions it was said that the garment should be taken out of the bleach as soon as it starts changing the color. I followed the instruction precisely. However, the bleaching time really depends on the fabric and its original dye. The thicker the fabric and the darker the dye, the longer it takes to bleach. As you will see a bit later, in my case 25 min was not enough.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

Since the bleach has an intense smell, after bleaching I rinsed the jeans with a perfumed detergent.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

As I said, the 25 min was not enough to get the result I wanted. The jeans got some bleached spots, but I wanted a bolder and reacher pattern. Well, no problems! I would just repeat the same steps again.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

Here is the result of the second bleaching. The pattern had become more bright. However, I found an unpleasant surprise. Both times I missed the same spot on the top of the right leg. It stood out of the overall ornament and looked like an obvious flaw.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

And again, it was not a big deal. I simply tied up a knot at the spot…

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

..and put it into the bleach!

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Steps

Here is the final result. The jeans have become simply perfect!

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Result

Bleached Skinny Jeans Outfits

The jeans has soon become one of my most favourite items! They perfectly fit my style and the most of my outer wear. This is an outfit I made with the items from a Montreal store Quartier Mode that sells Canadian designer clothes. Read my post about the outfit here.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Skinny Jeans Outfit

In this outfit, the jeans are accompanied by a second hand leather coat. I really like how the rich brown colour of leather goes with the blue hues of the jeans.

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Skinny Jeans Outfit

Early autumn I wore the jeans with a second hand jeans shirt and a scarf I made out of three shirts. Stay tuned: I will blog about the scarf DIY project soon!

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Skinny Jeans Outfit

Tommy Hilfiger coat and a second hand pleather bag by H&M are perfect companions for new new bleached skinny jeans!

Tie-Dye Bleached Denim DIY: Skinny Jeans Outfit

This is it! Happy experimenting!

Disclaimer: Yup, this post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something from me, I get some margarita money (not enough to buy a pair of shoes). Read more here.

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    • dushonok
      dushonok says:

      Glad you liked it, Naomi 🙂 It is one of my favorites. The original boring jeans turned into such a cool item that I used to wear all the time. Unfortunately, I wore a hole on the inner sides of the legs. Now I need to repair them.


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